Gusto & Gecko Travel to Kenya

Gusto & Gecko Travel to Kenya is a story about two dinosaurs, a travel machine and Kenyan wildlife.

Our first adventure takes Gusto and Gecko to the rolling plains of Kenya where they stumble upon a ferocious lion and must run for their lives. Along the way, readers encounter Africa’s “Big Five” animals in their natural habitats, learn collective nouns and become little explorers.

Will you travel with us?

Gusto & Gecko Travel to Kenya: Sold out a month after its release (Oct 2015)


Launch Party

This book was released in October 2015, with its launch party at Dymocks Bookstore in Sydney on 10 October 2015 (see photos here). Another special launch party was held in Melbourne at Oakleigh Primary School, a community supporter of the project on 19 October 2015 (see photos here).

In addition, Longy is currently collaborating with RMIT University, School of Global, Urban and Social Sciences, to translate this book into different languages (Mandarin and Spanish). Stay tuned!

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