The Book Series

About the book series

Explore. Learn. Inspire.

Born in 2014!

With the help of hundreds of generous people through a successful crowdfunding campaign “The Curious Travels of Gusto & Gecko” was born in 2014. The experience was an incredibly eye-opening one and important lessons were learnt from it.

Launch in October 2015 (Australia)!

“Gusto & Gecko travel to Kenya” sold out in bookstores around Australia within a month of its launch. The book is currently being translated into three different languages.

Adventure continues!

Late 2015, the second book “Gusto & Gecko travel to New Orleans” was successfully funded on Kickstarter by more amazing people around the world. Woohoo!

Launch in November 2016 (USA)!

“Gusto & Gecko travel to New Orleans” launched at Harvard Graduate School of Education. Our books are stocked in retail stores across the country.

Accepted into the Venture Incubation Program at Harvard Innovation Lab!

Shhh…secret squirrel business. Nothing to see here.

National distribution by Scholastic Reading Club

Available online from March 7, 2017.

Awarded Harvard Fellowship in June 2017

Awarded Education Entrepreneurship Summer Fellowship from Harvard Graduate School of Education.


Why are we obsessed with Gusto & Gecko?

We are passionate about discovering the world. Not only do Gusto & Gecko books expose kids to cool places they don’t encounter in traditional children’s books, we also want to help tackle declining geography literacy and foster an appreciation of different cultures through our narrative driven stories.

So if you believe being curious about the world is important, then this book series matters to you!