About the author

Lawyer by day, children’s book writer by night.

Naturally curious and mildly adventurous, Longy has travelled independently across 7 continents, over 40 countries and 100 cities mostly on a shoestring budget.

Longy has kissed a giraffe in Kenya, eaten rooster testicles in Budapest, swam amongst schools of fish at the Great Barrier Reef, trekked around lagoons in Torres del Paine, flirted with penguins in Antarctica…and the stories go on.

Longy’s dream is to one day fly to the moon with a wardrobe full of pastries and play fetch with her humongous, drooling, happy husky on a lunar crater!

*But for now, she is taking a year off her usual routine and studying her Master of Education (Technology, Innovation and Education) at Harvard University.*